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Prepaid 3G cards are the alternative you need to enjoy the Internet to the fullest. And it is that a 3G SIM card allows you to have balance and connection at a good speed at any time. You just have to install it, just like you did with the one you have on your phone, to start enjoying its effectiveness.

Where to use a 3G card?

There are various uses that this card allows you. Do you want to know what they are? We tell you in the following list:

✔️ To make a mobile recharge. Remember that you can also have an alternative number to the usual one and add the Internet connection to it. It all depends on the type of card.

✔️ When you go on a trip. European roaming is included in your rate, but what happens if you go to another country? If you connect you will pay a huge amount of money per minute. A 3G mobile top-up card allows you to enjoy a fast and immediate connection and always control spending.

✔️ To play on the Internet. If you don't want surprises, and nobody finds out when you play, it's an option that suits you. You can access casinos, video games or bet on whatever you prefer comfortably.

This last option guarantees your privacy and use the amount of money you choose for each top-up. Streamlining the way you play will save you money and have a great time with fewer regrets. Dare to use a 3G card and surely you will not regret such a good decision.

How to use a 3G card?

It is possible that you are not very clear about how to place it or how to get the most out of it. Follow these tips:

✔️If your phone has two spaces for a SIM card, you only have to insert it and choose it to play or use it for the above.

✔️ If your phone only accepts one SIM card, you will have to remove yours and insert the new one. Do it when you know that you are not going to receive an important call or when, directly, you want to disconnect for a while from your usual routine.

✔️ The card adapts to your phone and is limited to giving you an Internet connection at a fixed price. You will avoid having to connect to Wi-Fi or paid networks.

✔️ When you don't want to use it, select the main SIM card or remove it from your device.

Variety of prices

✔️ It is an investment so you will have a wide range of options to choose how much you want to spend on this option. Approximately, the price range ranges from 10 to 70 euros. The variety plays in your favor so that it is possible for you to choose the alternative you prefer at any given time.

✔️ Also, you only have to check the balance you have left from your terminal so that you know when you have to buy a card again. Undoubtedly, the option to control every last penny you spend playing games, surfing the Internet or checking your email will help you save.

Isn't that amazing? Why are you going to buy this card in a store without guarantees when you can do it in a specialized one?

Advantages of using a 3G card

Times are changing and no one can doubt that the Internet is no longer a complement, but a necessity. The most important advantages are:

✔️ Enjoy a stable connection virtually anywhere. No matter where you are, the 3G network reaches most countries. You will keep in touch with the world wherever you are.

✔️ Being able to check your mail, your messaging applications or the profiles of your social networks to keep in touch with your friends.

✔️ Entertain yourself in your spare time. You have the option to watch a video, a series, a movie or read any type of content. The connection speed is high, which guarantees an acceptable fluidity to be able to turn your phone or tablet into an option for your leisure time.

✔️ Telework. It has been the fashionable verb since 2020 and continues to be inseparable from your professional activity. If you go on vacation or a weekend, you will not miss a message from your company or your employees.

✔️ Tour any city using options like Google Maps.

✔️ Use GPS to guide you while driving through another country. These types of connections consume more data, but with a prepaid card you always know what the available balance is. There are no surprises, just the certainty that you can get where you want.

✔️ Share your experiences on your social networks in real time.

✔️ Do not go offline or have to pay too much for a similar card in a foreign country with the risk that this may entail for the information you store on your phone.

As you have seen, the use of this type of card is so wide that it will not take long to turn them into another element of your smartphone. You don't need to be computer literate or an expert on tablets or phones. It's as easy as removing the cover and inserting the card. After activating the card, following the corresponding instructions, you will not have to do anything else exceptor enjoy.

Not surprisingly, there are many people who have turned this card into the best way to control how much money they spend on their hobbies. If you are often surprised when you see your phone bill, do not hesitate to try to confirm what we have just explained.

Buy your 3G card at CardStation

When buying 3G cards you have to trust CardStation. Why? Because we are specialists in the sale of prepaid cards. This allows us to always offer you the best price, the maximum variety and products tailored to your needs.

You just have to select the prepaid cards option in the top menu and check the drop-down until you find the 3G option. Access the available offer. You will find a descriptive file for each file and it will not take long to find what you are looking for. Remember, CardStation is synonymous with 3G cards at an incredible price. What do you hope to prove? We have a wide variety of mobile recharge cards such as 3G, and Base among others.