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Traditional payment methods have changed, since the Internet allows you to purchase any item in a few minutes. A common concern among users was the trace left by their purchases, but this problem has been solved with Bitsa cards, which are suitable for young people and adults, they are managed very easily and, in addition, bring new features. As with the Bitnovo cards or cryto voucher .

A prepaid card without a bank account

Currently, the vast majority of cards are subject to a bank account and their balance depends on the status of this deposit. The prepaid visa card uses electronic money and, for that reason, does not depend on any bank. This payment item is managed by an entity called Bitsa Card that manages an important variety of financial products in Europe.

Electronic commerce still generates doubts in some users, but it has been established in the market for years and is totally safe, just like this card. In addition, the company that manufactures and manages them has a customer service in which the user can clear up all their doubts.

One of the great advantages it offers is that it can be recharged in a very short time because it is not necessary to go to any bank. Everything is managed through an application that the entity offers to people who acquire and register this card.

Secure purchases in physical and digital form with the prepaid visa card

This card is the best instrument to make any type of purchase . In the first place, it offers privacy, since no bank can record the money movements that occur on the card. In addition, it prevents another person from seeing the balance entry or exit if the bank account is shared.

Purchases made online with this card are totally safe. Another very important aspect is that this instrument can also be used to pay in physical establishments such as restaurants or clothing stores. Do not forget that it is a prepaid visa card, and this allows money transfers to be made to other accounts or cards, although it is essential that they are within the Euro zone.

Another highly valued advantage is that it allows you to withdraw money at ATMs of entities that have signed some type of agreement with Visa. Generally, this card is used to make purchases online, but it is very useful to be able to withdraw physical money from an ATM in an emergency. This card offers both options. In addition, some users prefer to use physical money because, in this way, they have a more rigorous control of their expenses.

Another change that the development of the internet has brought has directly affected money. This card is adapted to the latest market trends and can be recharged with coupons or cryptocurrencies , which are virtual currencies that serve as an object of exchange for products and services.

This digital money is also totally safe because it uses a cryptography system that is used to verify all the transactions that are carried out with these virtual currencies. In addition, the cryptocurrency market is subject to a regulation that controls fraud or the creation of particular cryptocurrencies, which would alter the rules of this environment.

The value of controlling money

This is a prepaid card, and this factor helps control money. It works with the balance that is managed and cannot be used to make any purchase that exceeds the amount with which it has been loaded. This helps the user to have a clear notion about the products or services that he can purchase, and to control the money that he is able to send. But above all, avoid creating a debt that harms the cardholder's economy.

A prepaid visa card for youth and adults

Generally, prepaid bank cards can only be in the name of people who have reached the age of majority, but adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 can use this card, even if they have reached the age of majority. a series of requirements that guarantee that no type of illegality is commented, nor that the person is harmed.

Users who have not yet reached the age of 18 must register following the Young modality, which requires the authorization of adults such as the person's parents or legal guardians. This registration is done in the Application that is available on iOS and Android, and can be completed in a few minutes. You just have to fill in personal data such as name and surname, address and date of birth.

As soon as the person enters their year of birth, the system detects that they are a minor. To continue with the process, you must provide the email address of the adult who is legally in your charge. In addition, their parents or guardians have to register their ID and an authorization that indicates that the minor can use this card.

All these processes serve to protect those under 18 years of age. But if the person has the authorization of their parents, they can use the card in the same way as an adult would. The Bitsa card provides you with the necessary independence to buy, send or withdraw money without the need to continually notify your parents or guardians.

Have a prepaid card without a free bank account

The great advantage this card offers is that it is totally free in digital format. If it is purchased physically, you have to pay 19.95 euros, which is the cost of the material, although then there will be no maintenance fees . In addition, inquiries to customer service have no cost

All this turns the card Bitsa into a tremendously economical product that gives the independence that both adults and young people need and, above all, that allows you to invest money in any product or service without a trace. A card with all the guarantees, adapted to the current market.