The bitcoin card offers you many advantages if you are looking to save money on the purchase of video games, or if you are interested in a type of payment method that does not allow trace when you carry out any transaction. Do you need a totally revolutionary payment method? If you want the best prepaid card, without a doubt, you will find it in our online store.

Discover the best prepaid card bitcoin

The Bitcard allows you to convert different types of cryptocurrencies into euros quickly and easily . Its main benefits are that you do not need to be the owner of any type of bank account and that you can recharge it in the way you prefer. And the most important thing: it does not matter that your data is stored in some type of file such as ASNEF. Through this prepaid card, you can buy at any physical store or e-commerce in the world. With it you can buy cards of all kinds in many establishments, such as Nintendo cards or Google Play cards with which to later buy in these establishments in euros.

Do you want the best prepaid bitcoin card? Discover in our store our giftcards from Bitnovo ! The most basic is the one that allows you to recharge € 10 and costs € 11.07. You can get a € 25 one for just € 27.64. If you want one of € 50, you will have to pay € 54.89. Finally, you can get a € 100 one for just € 106.74. Buy one of them now and start saving money on the purchase of video games or rewards for games!

Any type of transaction between countries is usually accompanied by high taxes or commissions. However, in this case, the purchase is made through a online , store, so you can save money on your purchases. If you paid by transfer or PayPal, you would have to face extra charges. On the other hand, with bitcoins , the transfer is carried out through wallets .

Don't forget that the security of these transactions is really high . Did you know that it is almost impossible to circumvent the blockchain system? In this way, you will ensure that the purchase is carried out correctly. But that is not all! Immediacy is absolute and this is essential in the rewards of different video games. In some cases, you must quickly complete the purchase of a virtual item so that you can progress through the game.

Spend money on bets without leaving a trace

Even if you want to play responsibly, it may not be okay for you to spend money on gambling. For this reason, our prepaid bitcoin cards will allow you to guarantee anonymity at all times. The bitcoins network is managed by miners, who are in charge of validating each of the transactions. The purchase is completely anonymous and impossible to falsify.

Go ahead and try! With our cards, you should not reveal your identity nor will it appear that you have spent money at online casinos or bookmakers on your bank statement. Fantastic, right? Also, remember that in our store you have different gift cards at a very good price and that you can use them to save commissions, to gain security during your Internet transactions and to maintain your anonymity.

More and more bookmakers accept cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies . Speed ​​is another of the main characteristics of bitcoin . It will come in handy if you are in a rush to bet on a specific match that starts in a short time. bitcoins transactions usually take no more than 15 minutes. They are much faster than any conventional bank transfer. You will gain in internationalization, in speed and you will save money regularly.

The bitcoin card can be really useful for different online purchases. Visit our e-commerce and find the prepaid card that best suits your needs! Are you up for it?

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