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Are you looking for a prepaid card that allows you to see what you want while better controlling your expenses? The DAZN card is a perfect alternative for you. We tell you about its most important characteristics in the following sections. Remember that at Cardstation you can buy other gift cards such as ebay and Empik .

Where can you buy it?

You can purchase your DAZN gift card on our website. We are official distributors of the company and we offer you various options and amounts to make it easier for you to adjust your budget.

How can you redeem it?

Your DAZN gift card needs a specific process so that you can enjoy your balance:

  • You must open an account on the DAZN website providing your personal information and your email address.
  • From the main page, access "my account" and select the option "add promotional code".
  • Type the digits that appear on the back of the card that you acquire in the corresponding box.

If you have done the operation correctly, you will see a message at the top with the expiration date of the code. Another alternative is not to open an account and access to enter the < strong> gift card code . The corresponding message will appear at the top of the screen.

Subsequently, the system will indicate that you must open an account and enter the payment information (in this option and in the previous one, DAZN only begins to charge once the usage time has elapsed). Don't worry, you will receive an email message advising you that your card is about to expire so you can take the appropriate measures.

How many cards can you use with your account?

As many as you want, the DAZN card offers you this possibility. You just have to enter the corresponding code that will be added to your subscription. You can accumulate as many months as you want.

Can you cancel your account while you are using your card?

Yes, but remember that your subscription remains active until the indicated date . Therefore, you will be able to continue watching DAZN Spain programming, even if the end date arrives, your account will be canceled. This way you don't lose money and you just let DAZN know that you are no longer going to be their customer.

What happens to your account if the gift card expires?

If you did not enter your payment information during registration, you will receive a email warning you . If you do not enter them, your account is inactive. If you provide them, you will be charged the fee depending on the payment plan you selected when registering.

Is it possible to change the way of paying while using your gift card?

Yes. You just have to enter "my account" to select the payment method you prefer from those available and press or click on it. Remember that DAZN has a very efficient customer service that will guide you through the process, if you have any questions.

Reasons for the error code when you try to validate your gift card code

They are diverse. One may be that has already been redeemed , another that you have bought it in another country (to avoid this we recommend that you purchase it on our website), it may also be that the code is not available and even that you typed wrong.

If it is not one of the above assumptions, contact DAZN so they can help you.

Is it mandatory to include your credit card number in your account to enjoy your gift card?

No, although it is recommended so that you can watch DAZN in any country of the European Union. This advantage is always worth taking into account if you like to travel or travel for work reasons.

How many emails will DAZN send you to notify you that you need to top up your balance?

Two. The first 14 days before and the second 48 hours before the end of your subscription.

Other aspects to consider

The gift card can only be used in the country where you buy it, unless you include your payment method in the account. Gift cards do not expire, nor are they refundable. Its code is activated immediately so you can start to see what you want at the moment. Review the available options:

  • The subscription of one month costs 9.99 euros .
  • The one-quarter price is 29.99 euros .
  • One semester cost 59.99 euros .
  • One year, 99.99 euros .

It is important to note that if you have created your account using Google or Apple, you will not be able to redeem it. Only in you can create an account and select the payment method (Paypal or credit card, payment is not accepted by Google Pay or Apple).

What kind of DAZN cards will you find at Cardstation?

All of the above. You just have to access the website, look in the upper menu for the option "gift cards" and in the drop-down select DAZN. The available options will appear. Click or tap on the subscription you want to enjoy.

A new screen will open. At the bottom you can read all the information related to the product and also the instructions to redeem your card. Remember that we always bet on maximum security in each transaction and that we are official distributors of the company.

Likewise, the bet to subscribe to DAZN is always a winner, since it allows you to see a program based on the sport at a single price. Using the corresponding application on your smart TV, you just have to sit down and watch, with the highest image quality, the game or broadcast you want.

It's that easy. A DAZN card can become the key that allows you to enjoy your leisure time much more. Check the programming of this chain and check our offer of subscription cards. You will surely find a suitable alternative to be able to see what you want without having to pay too much for it. We are open to any suggestions you want to make in this regard. Go ahead and turn your living room into the best place to watch all kinds of sports. We will help you to achieve it. Are you going to stop cheering on your team for not buying a subscription card?