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The Ebay card allows you to buy whatever you want on such a famous website for auctions and direct sales of products. On our page you will find various options at your fingertips. Know now how an ideal alternative works to control your spending or to give it to whoever you prefer. Remember that at Cardstation you can buy other gift cards such as Empik or Kobo .

Where can you buy it?

On our website . We are official distributors, which always guarantees that the card you acquire is totally legal and that you will enjoy the credit for which you pay.

How is it used?

It's very simple. We recommend that you open an Ebay account before the first use. When you do, follow these steps:

  • At the top right, search for «My Ebay» to access your account.
  • Make the search for the product you are going to buy and add the one you prefer to the shopping cart.
  • Search the option "pay now" and choose the payment method you prefer ( pay on Ebay with a debit card or credit or Paypal).
  • Below, in «recovery code» you must type the code that your card has on the back (you must scratch the area previously).
  • Click on "apply" and on "update" . You will check the balance you have left. Complete the order with your address and the amount of product you want to receive.

Is it necessary to register?

Yes. In addition, you will be asked for the usual shipping address. During registration you will be asked to add a credit card. After the first use, the remaining balance will be associated with your account so it is convenient to use it for future purchases.

Is the card suitable for other web pages?

No. It can only be used on your country's Ebay page. Interestingly, you can buy an Amazon gift card on Ebay and vice versa. It is important to clarify that the value of each Ebay prepaid card on our website is indicated in Canadian, Australian or US dollars. When making the payment, the website will carry out the transformation of any other currency depending on the change of the previous two.

Can you transfer the remaining balance to your bank account?

No. The money on the card can only be used on the web. The remaining amount is non-refundable.

What are the advantages of using this card?

Paying with a card on Ebay allows anyone to better control the money destined for purchases or to give something away that offers the freedom to those who receive it to buy whatever they want.

Payment is immediate and does not compromise your bank details. In addition, after each purchase the remaining amount is specified so that you know if you need to buy a new card or not. Likewise, you will avoid incompatibility problems with your bank or similar. Payment is always fast and confirmed in seconds without the need to enter extra codes received on your mobile phone.

What is the value of the cards we have for sale?

Each Ebay gift card that you can purchase on our website has a different value depending on the currency you choose:

  • One hundred Canadian dollars .
  • Ten, twenty-five or fifty US dollars .
  • Ten, twenty-five or fifty Australian dollars .

When purchasing it, the price is specified in euros so you can always know which one best suits your needs.

Why is it necessary to buy an Ebay card?

As you already know, most large stores accept various means of payment . However, it must be made clear that Ebay is a wholesale company with a marketplace, which makes it difficult for it to be bought, for now, by other e-commerce giants.

That is, the company has the power to implement its rules and, of course, its forms of payment to avoid any type of problem. The catalog does not stop growing and it is becoming easier and easier to find the most curious products, and with enormous value. For this reason, the Ebay gift card is a perfect option for people looking to buy something original that is out of the ordinary.

How can you find Ebay cards on our website?

After accessing the main page, look for «gift card» , the fourth option in the top menu starting from the right. Click or place the mouse pointer on it to open the drop-down. Do the same on «Ebay» and find Plus all the available options.

When you review them, click on "buy" so that it is automatically added to the shopping cart. You are advised to register to make the process faster. In your email address you will receive all the information about it. From there, you just have to use it in the way commented before.

What can you buy on Ebay?

Everything . In addition, with the possibility of comparing between different prices and with the maximum guarantee of safety and reliability. You can find video games, records, books, technology products and everything you want. Without a doubt, it is an always effective alternative to invest the balance you acquire very well.

What guarantee do we offer you?

All possible. Read our terms and conditions, our return and privacy policy. We want you to have the total certainty that you are going to buy an official card with the balance marked. Our customer service is always ready to help you resolve any type of doubt you may have about our services.

In addition, we take care of continually renewing our offer of cards for Ebay so that you always have the corresponding options at your fingertips. It only remains for you to decide to bet on this alternative to better understand the characteristics of a payment method that is as efficient as it is safe.

Buy your Ebay card on our website and start reviewing the interesting catalog on this website. You will surely find what you are looking for at the best price and that you will turn your review of their catalog into an ideal alternative to indulge yourself, buy what you always wanted or give someone something as a gift. It is in your hands to be able to pay what you buy in seconds and without any problem. Do you dare to try?