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What is ecoVoucher?

It is a way to pay with prepaid mode through paysafecard cards, which are becoming increasingly popular in the world video games and purchases on the Internet. As is happening with the cards Flexepin and the Neosurf cards . These paysafecard grant an online payment in a very secure way, since you do not need to enter card numbers or bank accounts on any website; in practice, it's like making cash payments.

How to use paysafecard online ?

All you have to do is purchase a secure card at any establishment or through a web provider. It is one of the most reliable ways to pay in the virtual world, since all you have to do is enter an 18-digit number that replaces the one in your bank details. In the same way that when you pay with cash, you will not share personal or banking information, so you can make virtual payments with total reliability and security . Using the paysafecard to buy is an ideal option for people who do not have accounts or cards at the bank, and also for people who are reluctant to enter account numbers in the world virtual. In this way, it becomes a form of payment that anyone can use.

How to get it

Physical points of sale

There are physical establishments where you can buy a paysafecard for the value that you decide. You will pay in cash or by card, and they will provide you with a ticket with the 18-digit PIN that you can use to buy whatever you prefer.

Buy paysafecard online

Getting ecoVoucher cards online is very simple and safe. They can be purchased from a wide list of vendors. To obtain total security when buying paysafecard , search the websites of official sellers. You can purchase secure cards in EUR, USD, GBP so that no one is left without buying safely.

What can it be used for?

Gift cards paysafecard

The perfect option to give as gifts to whoever you choose. Secure cards are a perfect gift option that cover a wide range of possibilities for the recipient, since you are giving them the possibility of choosing their purchases, whether in series, music, virtual payments, games , etc.


At present, all young people, and the not so young, opt for music on streaming platforms, either from smartphones or from the home computer. The number of users of this type of platform is on the rise.

Movies or series

In the same way as music, visual content platforms online are growing in an incredible way in recent years. The new generations choose to stay at home doing marathons of their favorite movies or series instead of going to multiplexes.

Money for purchases of any kind

Every year that passes purchases online. Either due to lack of time, lack of desire or simple convenience, we no longer go store by store in the large shopping centers. Just as this has changed, the money for these purchases also changes, and a secure card is the equivalent of the typical ticket as a gift from a relative so that we can buy what we like the most. Before, it was the most practical way to give a gift and get it right, but times change and so do payment methods .


There are electronic payment platforms that are used more every day, such as PayPal. It can be recharged with a virtual balance and paid in almost any store or online business in a secure way. This virtual balance can also be recharged with paysafecard cards, so that giving this card away can be compared to giving away real money and cash , but in a much more modern and in line with our times and the use that is given.

Video games, online games and purchases within them

In the gamer world, which is becoming more crowded among current generations, these cards are one of the most valuable objects to give away. For them, buying paysafecard online is part of their day to day, since the universe of video game has evolved a lot. Being able to buy video games and games online with these cards may not be the most important thing. In these times, there are very famous and used video games whose download and use are free; but, to progress more and quickly in them, you have to make purchases within the application. More and more video games and applications are choosing this way of proceeding, and more and more gamers are eager to make these "investments". The cards that you can give away for video game platforms are exchangeable easily and quickly in virtual stores for whatever each one wants. In addition, in these stores you can not only buy virtual products and hardware; you can also buy peripherals for consoles, physical games, etc. And another very important thing to keep in mind when you go to make a gift like this is that you will not have to use it immediately, since the paysafecard do not have an expiration date .

Online payments

It is the ideal gift for all people, who are not a few, who prefer not to give their personal or banking information when buying on web pages . There are many reasons to prefer to buy with these cards. This payment method offers security, confidentiality, does not leave the dreaded virtual trace of your account or card numbers, etc.

The future of virtual shopping

In short, virtual shopping is the present and the future . More and more people are joining the world of online shopping, and for this they are looking for ways to pay without worry. EcoVoucher is the solution to the dilemma between buying comfortably and the security of your financial data . It is a form of virtual payment for purchases of any kind in the internet world, whether physical or virtual products. And it is seen and proven that this form of payment offers what the majority are looking for: ease, protection, autonomy and flexibility.