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Empik is one of the best-known Polish stores. The variety of its offer and the value of one zloty (22 euro cents) are factors that make this alternative ideal for making a purchase of your interest. Remember that at Cardstation you can buy other gift cards such as Kobo or bolcom

What does Empik online offer on its website and what is Empik foto?

The Empik online store includes in its catalog more than two and a half million different products . You can find travel articles, paper books, electronic books, video games, toys, baby clothes, health products and sports accessories, among others. Its policy of low prices and continuous offers has become its best business card.

We deserve a separate mention Empik Foto , a magnificent store full of products such as diaries, calendars, mugs or customizable pillows with your images. High print quality and the ability to choose from a wide variety are undoubtedly the keys to its success. Other options are as follows:

  • Music , to buy the latest news of all genres.
  • T ckets , where tickets for concerts held in Poland are sold.
  • Go , a very complete library.
  • Papiernik , a store for children's products.

Characteristics of gift cards

You can use them in 240 Empik stores and on the web. They expire after 12 months. To pay for a purchase, you just have to follow the following steps after registering on the web:

  • Review the available catalog , select the product or products you want and add them to the shopping cart.
  • At time to pay , choose the "eCard" or "gift card" option.
  • In the corresponding box , you must enter the alphanumeric code or the card number, as well as the PIN. You must click on "use card".
  • If what you have to pay exceeds the amount you have available on your card, you can pay the rest with your credit or debit card.
  • To finish, click on «request and pay» .

Can you top up the balance of your gift card?

Yes. You can easily recharge the card . You just have to access your account and select the option "my funds". Choose the option to recharge by credit or debit card. This way you can transfer the funds from your bank card to the prepaid card. Remember that the maximum use time is one year.

Can you lend your card to someone else?

Yes , but remember that all purchases that exceed the available balance cannot be paid, unless you also provide the other person with your credit card number.

Do you have to activate the card?

No. We already sell it activated . The year of validity begins counting from the date of your purchase. You don't have to do anything special to start using it.

What happens after the first year of activation has passed?

The card will expire, so you will lose everything you have (either the original balance or the recharges you have made). Here's the importance of always keeping the expiration date in mind.

Can you return your purchases despite having purchased them with the gift card?

Yes. As soon as the product returns to the warehouse , the balance you used to pay for it will be refunded.

Does any Empik have any usage limits?

Yes. It is a marketplace and you can only use this payment system for products delivered by the company. If you notice that you cannot pay for an item, it is because it is sold by an external company. In addition, you cannot use the cards to pay at Empik Foto , Tickets, Go or Music.

What are the available quantities?

You can buy a card for 25, 50 or 100 zlotys . Refills are allowed from 20 zlotys, with a maximum of 500 zlotys.

Where can you find these cards on our website?

Access the main website and find, in the top menu, the option «gift cards» . You must click or place the mouse pointer over the box for the drop-down to open. Search "Empik" to access the available cards. You just have to use the mouse or click on the card that interests you. Doing so will add your card to automatically to the shopping bag. Pay your order and you will receive the card where you indicate us.

What guarantees do we offer you when buying this card?

All possible. At the bottom of the web are our terms and conditions. Also read the privacy and returns policy. If you have any questions, contact our customer service so that we can solve all your questions.

We are official distributors of these cards and we have all the necessary permits. You will always have the certainty of buying a legal product that will allow you to acquire on the web everything that one of the most important wholesalers in Poland offers you.

Acquire this gift card on a page that ensures your security, maintains your privacy and complies with legal regulations. Do not hesitate to ask us everything you want before buying. Our experience in the prepaid card sales sector supports us and has allowed us to become the leaders in this market niche.

If you know someone in Poland or are going to travel to this beautiful country, you can also use this gift card in physical stores, so all are advantages. Avoid the collection of bank fees from your bank in Spain and make each purchase a perfect option to save.

It is in your hands to become a Empik customer. Get to know our gift cards now, buy the one that best suits your needs and start shopping. Surely, you will be surprised both by the offer and by the undoubted quality of its range of products. You will discover, first-hand, why it is such a well-known store in Poland and what are the keys to its undeniable commercial success. Dare to buy with an essential gift card for those who love Internet products. Can we help you?