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The game cards They are more fashionable than ever. They are a perfect alternative for you to acquire the accessories necessary to enjoy more of you rfavorite video game. Given the rise of streaming to play on the Internet, this type of product has become essential for most players like you.

Where can we use a video game card?

The platforms where you can redeem your balance they are diverse. We describe each of them in the following list.

✔️ Google play. Google's app sales app also includes paid games. All you have to do is choose the title that you like the most to be able to download it to your mobile phone or tablet. Do you dare to have more fun than ever?

✔️ Nintendo. You can either buy a game for the Nintendo Switch, or a temporary subscription. In addition, it is possible to purchase specific expansions for such classic titles asZelda: breath of the wild. It's up to you to choose the type of game that best suits you.

✔️ PlayStation. The card allows you to either use the credit to make purchases on the PlayStation Store, or get a one-year subscription to PS Plus. It is also highly recommended to give it to someone who you know has this console, but you do not know the type of video games they prefer. Thus, you can use the stipulated amount to access thousands of video games.

✔️ Microsoft and Xbox. The balance is redeemable for games, movies or peripherals for the console (controllers, memory cards or batteries). If you prefer, you can gift an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

✔️ Steam. Their variety of games is incredible. In addition, they slightly deviate from the norm and bet on a classicism with modern touches that will captivate you.

✔️ Diverse platforms like Hulu, Megogo, Ncsoft, Origin or Pandora.

✔️ Concrete games. There are specific cards to enjoy video games like apex legendsFIFAFortniteIMVUKarma KoinsLeague of LegendsMobile Legendsworld of war craft either PUBG.

How are these cards used?

Its operation is very simple. We describe it below to make it as clear as possible.

✔️ You buy the card and include your email address so they can send it to you.

✔️ You access the platform or the game in which you want to use your credit.

✔️ You choose the option you prefer and click on the link to make the payment.

✔️ Below the price to pay usually appears a box to insert the code of your card.

✔️ After writing it, and if you have available balance, the purchase will be made automatically. The system will confirm that the operation is correct.

Give away our game cards

It is very likely that you know someone friend or relative who has a great time with his favorite video games. They can also enjoy this type of card.

✔️ Enter your Email address to receive the card and follow the procedure explained above.

✔️ Review the variety that we have available on our website. We have the most demanded cards in the international market. We strive to gradually incorporate diverse options from the content and video game platforms with the largest number of viewers.

✔️ Choose the amount What do you want to give? We have several options for each type of card, so it will be much easier for you to please that special person.

✔️ Do not forget certify which is the game console preferred of the other person or the platform that interests you. This way you will be totally successful with your gift. Avoid having to ask him what kind of game he likes. With the card code, he or she will be the one to choose it.

Advantages of using video game cards

They are multiple and that is why these types of cards are so successful. Do you want to know the most important ones?

✔️ They will save you and whoever you give it to from having to use your credit card to buy something on the desired platform. Just have the code by hand to insert it.

✔️ They are highly recommended for control spending in video games or platform subscriptions. The card helps to rationalize the use of available money and stick to a fixed budget.

✔️ The cards to buy games expand the features of each video game with enormous efficiency. The aforementioned titles gain in playability and become more intense adventures, thanks to the accessories that can be included in the purchase.

✔️ minimum investment allows you to download games from all eras to a unbeatable price. You will be able to save space and a lot of money in acquiring some titles that are not so easy to find in the market.

✔️ With the gaming gift cards It will be much easier for you to get it totally right as long as the other person enjoys video games.

✔️ Allow access to temporary subscriptions to the different platforms, which represents a substantial saving in the purchase of the aforementioned options.

Buy your game card at CardStation

Now that you know all the details about it, you may be wondering where to buy your video game gift card. The answer is simple: in CardStation. We are specialists in this type of product and we have all the options available on the market. We work directly with each company, which allows you to enjoy a most competitive price.

All our cards are originals. The codes are generated by the corresponding brand. This certification is essential to avoid the use of unreliable alternatives that lead you directly to losing your money and not being able to use the corresponding code.

In CardStation you will always have the game cards originals more in line with your interests. Access our website and check the available catalogue. Click on the option you like best and purchase the card with the balance that best suits your budget. You will receive the code quickly and can redeem it the same day. Didn't you say that playing video games had begun to bore you? Fill your TV or device with new options and turn your free time into one full of fun. It is easy.

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