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The video game industry is among those that have best adapted to technological advances and new sales channels. Years ago, PlayStation launched innovative products on the market, such as the PS Plus card , which works like a credit or debit card and is used to shop at the company's digital store. Remember that at Cardstation we have cards to buy in the main stores, such as our Amazon cards or the neosurf cards .

Buy with the PlayStation Store prepaid card

PlayStation is a leading Sony group brand in the video game sector. In 1994 it launched its first console in Japan and since then it has not stopped growing. Currently, any player can enter the PlayStation Store, the company's digital store.

You should know that the PlayStation prepaid card is used to buy in this store, which offers an immense variety of games, movies and entertainment products of the brand, as well as interesting discounts for the user . When you purchase a PlayStation Store prepaid card , you receive a code that you insert into your PlayStation account to have a balance that you can redeem for these products.

Buy PlayStation card for Spain

Before acquiring it, you have to take into account two aspects. The first is to know the place where to buy Play Store cards . On the other hand, it is essential to know its characteristics. On these cards appears the official company logo and the price, which is the balance you have to use in the PlayStation Store. As for the code, in addition to arriving by e-mail , it appears on the back of the card itself.

One advantage is that the purchase of the PlayStation prepaid card does not leave any trace on your personal credit or debit cards. In this way, the privacy of your bank details is fully guaranteed.

Another interesting aspect is that the company has released cards of different prices and, therefore, it is possible to find cheap PSN cards . There are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 100 euros.

Community with the PS Plus card

PlayStation Plus is a company platform created to access the best content. By entering this section, you can monthly increase your number of games and get the most outstanding of the current scene and other historical ones that have passed from generation to generation. In addition, an online multiplayer mode is created that allows the incorporation of any family member or friend. This, without a doubt, is a good reason to buy the PlayStation card .

Anyone can be part of this payment community. In this sense, you can opt for one of these three plans. The first is 59.99 euros for one year, the second is 24.99 for three months and the third is 8.99 for one month.

The safe option to buy the PS4 card

The PlayStation 4 has been the console with which the company has made the definitive leap into the internet universe. With the purchase of the Play 4 card , you can download video games and access different entertainment content found on the PlayStation Network. Among them, stand out new games, expansions of those that were released, series, movies or television shows.

There is also the option to buy a PS4 code and access different content. Another alternative is to buy a PS4 gift card and give that balance to family or friends.

With these cards you also have the possibility of giving away subscriptions to PlayStation Now, which is a platform that allows access to video games for PS2, PS3 and PS4 consoles that are renewed every month. It also includes free trials that can be used on the PS5 and PC.

As for how it works, remember that it is the same as that of a prepaid card with which you enter the platform. That is, the user chooses the amount he wants to spend, makes the purchase, receives the PS4 code and leaves no trace of his purchases.

Do not forget that the PlayStation cards that are purchased in establishments located on Spanish soil are used for accounts registered in Spain. Therefore, if the player comes from another country, he has to register his account in our country.

Enjoy the variety offered by the PlayStation prepaid card

Now PlayStation offers you new ways of accessing its products and services. buying the PS4 card significantly improves the experience between user support and, in addition, you decide the price of your subscription, the time you want to be and the most interesting content.

In principle, this product is designed for you to give to your family and friends. Anyone will find content that appeals to them within the PlayStation universe. It is also not essential to have the latest console on the market and, currently, a good option is to buy the Play 4 card . However, you can get much more out of your PlayStation prepaid card , since you can also buy it for yourself.

Having this product gives you two important advantages. The first is that only you know what you have bought, because there is no trace of your purchase on your personal cards. The same happens when you give them to other people.

The second positive aspect is that you can use it as a system to save and control the money in your PlayStation account . In fact, there are many users who purchase a card with a specific balance that they spend on a monthly basis. That way, they have complete control of the money they use and choose according to their financial situation.

Some months, they choose cards with a high balance, while others choose a lower balance. A PlayStation Store prepaid card allows you to act without pressure or ties. On the other hand, the person who receives this card as a gift can also choose when to spend the balance.

As you have seen, PlayStation continues to grow. In this sense, one of the most recommended gifts for this year is the PS Plus card . The variety in leisure options is its greatest value. Once you purchase it, you just have to give away the PlayStation content or enjoy it with your family and friends.


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