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Do you know what the IKEA cards? We can give you a hand in this regard. It is about a product that allows you to make purchases in all IKEA stores (including online purchase) paying directly with it. In other words, you can buy one of these cards online to use your balance when buying IKEA products.

Where to use the Ikea card?

Precisely, one of the most attractive aspects of the gift cards that we are referring to here is their flexibility. After all, they can be used in many stores. In other words, once the balance is recharged, all you have to do is go to the store you want to spend it as you prefer.

In this sense, according to the terms and conditions of this very special product, it is possible to spend the balance in stores in the following countries around the world:

✔️ Spain (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

✔️ Germany

✔️ Australia

✔️ Austria

✔️ Belgium

✔️ Canada

✔️ Croatia

✔️ Denmark

✔️ Finland

✔️ France

✔️ Hungary

✔️ Italy

✔️ Ireland

✔️ Norway

✔️ Netherlands

✔️ Poland

✔️ Portugal

✔️ Czech Republic

✔️ United Kingdom

✔️ Russia

✔️ Slovakia

✔️ Sweden

✔️ Swiss

To this must be added, of course, the possibility of carrying out purchases through the internet. In other words, the balance on the card can be used in the official IKEA online store.

How to use the Ikea card?

To show you how to use the IKEA gift card, you need to understand that it is used differently in the physical store and in the online store.

A) Yes, When we talk about the physical store, you need to follow the following steps:

✔️ Choose all the products you want from the different shelves and areas of the store.

✔️ Approach the box and wait your turn.

✔️ Once the cashier has passed all your products, you will be able to see the total amount of your purchase.

✔️ At that time, you must indicate that you want to pay with a gift card.

✔️ The employee will ask you to show it in order to validate it.

✔️ The balance of the card will be used until it runs out or until the total amount of the purchase is covered, whichever comes first.

✔️ If the amount of the purchase was greater than the balance of the card, you must pay the rest by another means of payment. If the balance on the card was sufficient, the remainder will be stored on it until a next purchase.

On the other hand, if what you want is to use the card in a on-line, then what you have to do is the following:

✔️ Select, through the IKEA online catalog, all those products you wish to purchase.

✔️ Once you have done so, follow the steps indicated in the "Cart" of the online store until the moment when it asks you to choose a payment method.

✔️ At that moment, choose the "Gift Card" payment method and enter the code that appears on it.

✔️ As we have mentioned before, the balance of the card will be used until the total purchase is covered. If it is insufficient, you must pay the rest by another means of payment. If it is more than enough, the rest will be stored on the card.

How to pay with the Ikea card?

As you have seen, using the IKEA card is very simple and only requires:

✔️ That you carry it(digitally, it is not necessary to print it) when you go to the physical store, because the employee will ask you to show it to him.

✔️ Have the code handy in the event that you go to the online store, since you must enter it when requested.

Advantages of using the IKEA card

It is very likely that, from everything we have been telling you, you are already able to verify the existence of many advantages derived from the use of this class of cards. However, so that you can see everything more clearly, we can refer you to the following benefits:

✔️ Possibility of using it in multiple stores, including the online store, as we have been telling you.

✔️ Possibility of give it as a gift to a loved one,so that it has enough flexibility to distribute the balance as it prefers.

✔️ Total security and reliability in its operation, since they are official cards offered by the parent company itself.

✔️ Different amounts of balance available, so that you can choose the one that suits you best in your case.

✔️ Possibility to store the remaining balance for a long time, until you need to use it again.

✔️ Maybe stored on the mobile phone, on the computer or printed, to use it as you prefer.

✔️ Is a Safe way to shop online.

Buy your IKEA card at CardStation

Now, when it comes to acquiring IKEA gift cards, we must necessarily tell you about the services that we offer from CardStation. After all, we are a company specialized in the sale and distribution of cards for many businesses. As such, we have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers behind us.

What we want to tell you is that, if you are convinced to go on to enjoy the advantages of this type of card, we encourage you to come to our store. With total security, we will be able to offer you just what you needed.

In conclusion, you already know how to make use of the IKEA cards, as well as how convenient it is for you to acquire them with us. It is up to you to make a definitive decision and go on to enjoy all the advantages that we have already mentioned. We are sure that you will not regret your purchase and that, surely, you will end up repeating. After all, we are absolute professionals and we have a long experience providing services of this type for clients like you. We have cards for iTunes  and JustEat.

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