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The gift card Kobo is a perfect alternative for book lovers. Rakuten has managed to turn its bookstore into one of the most important on the Internet and now you can benefit from the use of these gift cards that guarantee you an interesting discount. Remember that at Cardstation you can buy other gift cards such as bolcom or DAZN .

What are Kobo gift cards?

A Kobo gift card is the best complement for users of this store. Remember that whoever you send it to must already have a free Kobo account. Otherwise, the system will ask you to open it. The code is sent to the email address you specify during the purchase. Thus, that person can use it as they prefer when paying their orders.

How are they redeemed?

Everything will depend on the type of card you purchase. On the Cardstation website we bet on the electronic version that is exchanged as follows:

  • Go to to review the ebooks and audiobooks available.
  • Tap or click on the cover of the Kobo ebook of your choice.
  • On the right, repeat the operation in «buy now» .
  • If you scroll down, you will see the option "do you have a gift card?", click "yes".
  • Select the Kobo card .
  • Enter the PIN number (don't be confused with the card number, the PIN usually consists of letters and numbers. You must include the entire code to redeem it correctly).
  • Click "send" and "confirm" if you want to proceed with the transaction.

You can repeat this process in the Kobo Books application to charge the balance to your account and buy whatever you want as long as possible.

What is the amount you can buy?

On our website you will find cards of 10, 25 or 50 euros to make it easier for you to choose the amount that best suits your desire to read or that of your friends.

Can you use this card to buy all Kobo products?

No. The website does not allow you to purchase the Kobo ereader , accessories, or other pre-orders. Likewise, if you have an Apple phone, you will not be able to buy from the application and you have to do it from the web and then synchronize the purchase with your iPhone.

Why is it advisable to use this type of card?

Especially because it will be much easier for you to control your budget or to make a more than interesting gift for lovers of literature. Imagine that you like to buy several books a month and that you want to use a fixed amount to do it. Kobo allows you to use a gift card to pay for your orders. This way, you can better choose your readings and not spend too much.

The option of being able to see the remaining balance on your card is of great help to know when you have to recharge it. The best thing is that it does not expire, so we recommend you charge the balance and buy books in this way until you can.

Is Kobo one of the best libraries on the Internet?

Yes. And we do not say it, but those who are looking for electronic books that are out of the ordinary. In addition, the design of the store is very intuitive and allows you to find the work you are looking for in less time. In the same way, the discount policy is permanent, which guarantees that you will always pay much less.

Remember that once subscribed, you receive the book in your email. This contributes to sustainability and the reduction of polluting gases. As you can see, the store is committed to offering a professional, immediate service according to current times.

Should you trust Cardstation to purchase your Kobo gift cards?

Yes. In fact, we are official distributors and we have all the company permits to do so. You only need to access our website, look in the upper menu for the option "gift cards", click on it and in the drop-down menu look for the name of the website.

You will access a new screen where you will find the available options. Click or click on the "buy" option to have it automatically added to your shopping bag. Access your account and pay the order. You will receive your PIN in your email in minutes.

Is it safe to buy at Cardstation?

Yes. You only need to access our website and scroll to the bottom. There you will find our terms and conditions, the return policy and everything you need to know the guarantees that we offer you at all times.

In case of problem, you just have to contact our customer service department to solve it. We always offer you a personalized and attentive treatment, as well as effective solutions to any incident that may arise.

A gift to consider

It's as easy as forwarding the email to whomever you want, urging them to open, if they don't already have it, their Kobo account and inviting them to start reading or listening to the books they prefer . In seconds you can make another person happy and guarantee them many hours of pleasure.

Taking into account the variety available on our website, it will be much easier for you to choose the number you prefer. By betting on this gift, you will be opening the doors of an immense library to whoever you choose.

Cardstation, the safest website to buy Kobo gift cards

We comply with the privacy policy, we review each transaction and we will send you your card in less than three minutes. These are our endorsements to convince you that on our page you will be able to find the Kobo cards you want from a wide range of similar options.

Buy your Kobo gift card at Cardstation and make ebooks or audiobooks your best travel companions. For a small price, you can always take advantage of your free time by learning new stories, expanding your knowledge and putting your brain to work. Surely now you have a little clearer the importance of having a Kobo card that allows you to use your balance for something as recommendable as reading or listening to a book.