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League Of Legends

Welcome to the game of champions. Whether you are one of those who have just started playing or if you have been improving skills for some time, you have come to the ideal place. Getting a League of Legends card will mark a before and after in the way you play. You will achieve what always eludes you at the last moment, destroy the enemy base or demolish all the turrets or inhibitors that stand in your way.

Surely, on some occasion, you have had the experience of taking time with a game, putting hours and a lot of desire on it, already having the mission of your character clear and, suddenly, stagnating and not being able to advance. Perhaps it is because you have not bought the necessary character, because it costs money to unlock the map or the specific items of the mission or for any other reason. What a bummer! Forget about this problem by buying a League of Legends prepaid card. You will be able to unlock many new experiences and resume the destruction of the enemy base at the level you want.

What is a League of Legends prepaid card?

A prepaid card makes it easy for you while you are playing and getting gold with the different actions you take. You can get gold if you kill enemy champions, if you help your teammates in their fights or if you destroy enemy buildings, among many other ways. But we all know that games do not always go as we would like and that it is not easy to get all the gold we need to buy the items of our champions. So, instead of taking a long time to get the items you need, with League of Legends prepaid cards, you will have the amount of money that you choose in advance.

What are League of Legend cards for?

League of Legends cards provide you with Riot Points (RP) equal to the price you paid for your card. That is, if you get a 5 euro card, you will get less RP than if you buy a 50 euro card. As you may already know, Riot Points are League of Legends' own credits. They are the currency with which you can unlock content that is not available to everyone, skins of your characters, champions that you do not have and many other things that we let you discover.

How League of Legends Gift Cards Work

When you buy League of Legends cards, you actually acquire a load of balance for the value of the card. As everything is a digital product, once you have made the purchase, a personal one-time code will be sent to you by email. You must enter this code in the game before buying anything. This way, you can collect your Riot Points before making any trade. As soon as you have entered this code, you will be able to make as many purchases as you want in the game store, only with the limit that you have set when you buy the card. You decide what you want to pay or the limit you want to set for your children.

Let's take as an example that you decide to buy a League of Legends card. To begin with, you will go from seeing only the ten free champions that everyone has available to being able to use the heroes that you like the most. You will have them all unlocked thanks to your card. You can also increase the experience points you receive in your games in order to level up faster and enjoy all the game's options as soon as possible.

Other advantages of the League of Legends gift card or League of Legends prepaid cards

The benefits don't end here! There are even more benefits to League of Legends gift cards!

The Riot Points you earn with the League of Legends card are not for exclusive use for this game. From the same company, there are other types of games that have a very similar base, such as Teamfight Tactics. In this strategy game, you use the same League of Legends champions to carry out your strategies. Another option to get the most out of your champions is to play with them in a deck and fight with your League of Legends objects and runes in the so-called Legends of Runeterra.

And if you don't have enough time to play in front of the computer and dedicate it to the game to get your improvements, absolutely nothing happens. League of Legends Wild Rift is the version for mobile devices that you need to be able to enjoy your game wherever you go, without having to wait to get home. Of course, in the mobile version you also have available the points you get when you buy your League of Legends card.

More benefits of buying League of Legends cards

Another advantage of getting a League of Legends prepaid card is the remarkable money savings that it entails. If you buy a package of improvements for your champions at once, the cost will be less than if you buy the improvements one by one. This is because bundles typically enjoy discounts or lower prices than when purchasing skills or items individually.

One last advantage that we have to explain to you about gift cards is their reliability both for payment and when redeeming them for Riot Points. As we already said, once the payment has been registered, you will receive a code to the email that you must enter in your League of Legends store to be able to enjoy each and every one of the advantages it offers you.

With us you can buy the League of Legends card or League of Legends card

If you've made it this far, you surely know the next step to take: get a League Of Legends card. Welcome to the game of champions! Remember that we are the right place to buy it. We are experts in different cards for video games and online casinos. On our platform, shopping is safe!