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Recharge your Lycamobile mobile easily and enjoy all the advantages of this SIM. Now you can have in your hand all the options to navigate, wherever you are. It will be easier for you to go on a trip or maintain contact abroad, thanks to the very low rates that Lyca offers you. Next, we present this prepaid card and how to use it.

How to register the Lyca card?

The first step you need to take is register your lyca card. Once you have registered it, you can activate it, to make use of all the advantages it gives you. But, first of all, we are going to tell you step by step how to do it to enjoy this service:

✔️ Start looking the form that will allow you to register. This is in the same card packaging. The data you need for registration refers to your person. Keep in mind that, to make use of the advantages of this SIM, you must indicate yourself as its owner.

✔️ The next step is to choose the method that is easiest for you to activate the card prepaid, through your registration.

✔️ If you decide to activate the Lyca card in you point of sale or in an authorized store, you must show a current identification. They will give you a form that you will have to fill out by hand. Then, you will see your SIM card activated to be able to use it immediately.

✔️ You have the opportunity toactivate your lycathrough the In order for your registration to be validated, you must attach the form, correctly filled out, an image of your identification, on both sides, as well as photographs of the Lyca SIM card that you have purchased, where the PUK and ICCID code will appear. Then you will have to wait for them to contact you, although you can always call the customer service number provided by the packaging.

✔️ The activationon-lineIt is an option that can be very comfortable for you. Once on the Lyca website, click on "My Lycamobile", which you will find at the top. Click on “Activate your SIM” again. Then, they ask you for the PUK and ICCID code data. Then, you must upload a photo of your identification document and, to know that it is you, you will have to make aselfieat that precise moment, so don't forget to prepare to put on your best face. Finally, you will fill out a form with all your personal data and the data of the card you just acquired. You will know that everything has gone well when you receive an SMS and the phone number assigned to you on your mobile.

How to use the Lyca card?

Next, we will explain how to use your Lyca card. The steps are very simple. Pay attention so that you can access all the benefits of this company:

✔️ It's as simple as place your sim card in the corresponding slot of your mobile phone and proceed to turn it on.

✔️ So that you do not run out of battery during the process, charge your mobile, in case you don't have enough battery.

✔️ You shouldn't have any problem make or receive messages and calls, as well as to access your social networks.

✔️ Being a prepaid card, you may require more balance to use it. recharge it. It's as easy as going to an official store or dialing 221 or 92#, following the instructions that are given to you. In case you are traveling abroad, you will have to dial the number +34 632 100 221 and follow all the instructions.

✔️ If you ever forget about number assigned to you, by dialing *321# you will get rid of doubts. You can also dial 97#.

✔️ Can you check your balance by entering *221# or 94#. Another method is to make a call to 221 or 95#. If you are outside of Spain, you must follow the instructions given to you at the number +34 632 100 221.

Where to use the Lyca card?

Once you have your top up on Lycamobile card, you have the opportunity to use it anywhere. If traveling is your passion, this prepaid SIM will surprise you with its rates. But, better, we are going to indicate the places where you can enjoy your mobile phone and your Lyca:

✔️ We start with the European Union, where you will have all the coverage you need, thanks to the roaming. In addition, you will be able to navigate without any problem. Use 4G technology without extra charges, as if you hadn't left Spain. You can use it for up to four months in a row, as long as you do not exceed the consumption limits. Don't forget to check that you have the roaming running. To do this, you can call 321.

✔️ You lyca card It also has coverage in the rest of the European countries, even though they do not belong to the EU. In United Kingdom you can use the roaming free.

✔️ In the cases of Australia and of USA This service is no longer free, so you will have to stick to the rates that you will find on the brand's website.

Advantages of using the Lyca card

As we already anticipated, the Benefits they are very big. Using Lycamobil allows you enjoy hours of internet anywhere and travel around the world, without losing coverage. These are the other advantages:

✔️ Can you recharge lyca with card or paying at any official store. You will also see the option to recharge through its website or by calling 221 or 92#.

✔️ There are usually many promotions throughout the year, As the Lyca Globe Bonus, which offers you free monthly gigabytes, depending on the rate you decide to pay.

✔️ you have3G and 4G coverage, which you can use wherever you are in the world.

✔️ In case of any problem, the Customer Support gives you the best service.

Buy your Lyca card at CardStation

every time you do one recharge your Lycamobile you have the opportunity to achieve many advantages. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the best service and incredible coverage anywhere in the world.Buy your Lyca card at CardStation and get a service without surprises and with the cheapest rates. Get your recharge cards here too NowMobile y O2.

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