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Do you know the advantages of the Microsoft gift card ? Do not worry, in the following sections we will tell you everything you need to know about an ideal alternative for your private use or to give it to whoever you prefer.

Buy Microsoft gift card

To buy a Microsoft gift card on our website you must do the following:

  • Search the menu superior option & laquo; gift cards & raquo;.
  • Press or click on this option to open the menu dropdown.
  • You will find three options of 15, 25 and 50 euros respectively.
  • Select the one you prefer, it will be incorporated automatically to your shopping bag.
  • Pay the order.
  • You will receive the code in your email inbox.

From that moment on, you can start, you or whoever you give it to, to enjoy the balance of the purchased card. Now we explain how to redeem the balance.

How is the Microsoft gift card code redeemed?

Go to, sign in using your Microsoft account and enter the & nbsp; Microsoft gift card code (25 different characters). When redeemed, it will appear the corresponding balance in the account. It allows you to purchase games, applications and programs in Microsoft Store online , Xbox and Windows.

How can you send someone a free Microsoft gift card?

Sending a free Microsoft gift card is very easy. You just have to send the code you receive to the email address of the person you want. You can redeem it in the way that we have commented in the previous section.

What can you buy with this card?

Microsoft makes it clear already on the packaging of each of them. The first option is the one that refers to applications. Devices that work with a Windows operating system offer the option of purchasing applications to help you get the most out of it. For a modest price, it is possible to improve the performance of any tablet or computer.

When it comes to games , you will already know that the Xbox is one of the most powerful consoles and one that offers a larger catalog of high-end productions level. The virtual purchase allows you to load the games into your account to play at the time you prefer.

The third alternative is programs . It is also possible to purchase updates or programs from Microsoft to supplement those that are installed. Preventing piracy always works in favor of your security and the reliability of the corresponding devices.

That is, both for your personal use and to give it to someone, a Microsoft card is always perfect to turn any brand product into the necessary boost to continue trusting its range of products.

The advantages of a Microsoft Store gift card

A Microsoft Store gift card is always an ideal alternative for those who trust the creations of this company. In addition, it offers a long series of advantages that can be summarized in the following list:

  • You only need to load the code once to better control your expenses.
  • At all times it is possible to see the available balance. Without a doubt, it is a great option to better control the available budget.
  • It is very easy to redeem and the balance is loaded in seconds.
  • It is supported on all Microsoft web pages which extends its usability.
  • It can become the key to play with greater peace of mind by being able to buy while you are playing. enjoying any Microsoft video game. Everything is to win each game more easily.
  • It is very suitable for adolescents and young people to learn to save and to rationalize the expenditure of the available balance while having fun or studying.

Considering all of the above, it is easier to understand why This card has become one of the best sellers on our website.

Why Should you buy your Microsoft card on our website?

Basically, because we are official Microsoft resellers. Any card that you acquire on our website will be original and will not have; s no kind of problem to redeem it. However, it is also interesting to remember some important aspects of our website.

At the bottom you will find our privacy and return policy. In addition, we include the terms and conditions to apply. We also explain who we are and how to contact us in case of a problem.

The previous sections are your guarantee to ensure that each purchase you make will be totally legal and that we will respond to any incident. We offer you the widest variety of gift cards to use for your purchases in the Microsoft store. We are always updating our offer so that you do not have any limits when it comes to acquiring products from a brand that continues to bet on continually renewing itself.

The final decision

Now that you know the features, how it is redeemed and the benefits of this card, the last decision is always yours. If you need to keep a more exhaustive control of your expenses in video games or applications, if you want to surprise someone or if you simply want to have a balance in your account to spend at your own pace, you know what the best alternative for you.

Remember that instead of having to use your credit card constantly, you will bet on the use of a virtual wallet to which you can set the limit you want. It is precisely about making each purchase process much easier to carry out and much more efficient. Do not forget that Microsoft never stops innovating and renewing its catalog so that you only have to sit down at the device of your choice and start using it as you prefer.

Likewise, on our website we offer you our customer service so that you can ask us all the questions you have in this regard. Acquire your Microsoft gift card now and it will not take long for your device to become a much more efficient one and, above all, a source of essential fun for your leisure time. < / p>

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