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Movistar belongs to the giant Telefónica, one of the first telephone companies created in Spain and that, for years, has been offering telephony, Internet and streaming services to half the world. Within Movistar we can find Movistar Fusión, which is the platform that allows you to enjoy Movistar Lite with pay channels, series, movies, children's content and many other services integrated with Netflix or Disney+.

If you do not want to contract Movistarplus Lite, you can always purchase a subscription with Movistar+ Lite and, if you also like to give original gifts, you can purchase a Movistarlite gift card.

What is Movistar+ Lite

Movistar+ Lite is a free-to-air streaming or video on demand (VOD) service within the Telefónica group and originated in 2019. In this way, it became part of so many other existing Spanish subscription TV platforms in this broad market. One of its virtues is that it is available for customers of Internet operators other than Telefónica.

You will be able to enjoy the best contents with Movistar Lite on your TV, with the possibility of up to 2 simultaneous reproductions wherever and whenever you want. Regardless of the operator and without having to change the fixed or mobile line, as well as without binding you to a commitment of permanence. All you need is a mobile device, PC, laptop or tablet to enjoy Movistar Lite channels with Internet access.

Before taking any action to contract Movistar+ Lite, it is necessary to have Internet access, either with Movistar or with another provider. No additional installation is required, since you can watch Movistar Lite on devices through its Movistar+ application.

If you got Movistar Lite a gift card, you only have to enter the code printed on the purchase ticket to access the subscription. Thanks to this card you will be able to enjoy 3 months of Movistar Lite for free and, after this period, the cost of the service will be 8 euros per month.

What can I watch in Movistar Plus Lite

You will be able to watch a wide catalog with Movistar Lite. On the one hand, it will allow you to watch live or on-demand content from free-to-air or pay channels. Some of the channels included are:

- Free-to-air channels from La 1, La 2, Antena 3, Cuatro, etc.

- #0, #Vamos and Movistar la Resistencia.

- Movistar Series.

- Movistar Lite cinema with channels such as AMC, Fox, TNT, Comedy Central, TCM or Canal Hollywood.

- Children's Channels and Movistar+ Lite children's movies such as Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Canal Panda and Baby TV.

- Movistar Lite NBA and other sports such as Movistar Plus Lite soccer.

- Other channels.

In short, it will be possible to watch movies on Movistar Lite, as well as series, documentaries, cartoons, humor and sporting events such as Movistar Lite soccer, basketball or tennis, etc. This represents a wide catalog with exclusive and original content from Movistar Plus Lite with its own and third party channels, both pay and DTT.

Contents such as La Resistencia, Late Motiv, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga soccer, NBA Basketball and Endesa League, rugby, NFL soccer, golf and tennis, among other sports. Also the best series and documentaries from BBC and Showtime, movies in Movistar Lite premiere and classic, original series from TNT, Fox and AMC, among others.

Of course, we could not forget Movistar Lite Formula 1 for race car lovers.

One of the main pillars of Movistar is its wide range of original series, with extensive and expanding content, with monthly premieres. Some examples are Antidisturbios, Vida Perfecta, Hierro, Lola, La Unidad, Arde Madrid, La Fortuna, Dime quién soy, La Línea invisible, among others.

Where to watch Movistar+ Lite

Now that we know everything that Movistarplus Lite includes, we only need to know what is necessary to be able to enjoy this service. In principle, it is not necessary to be a customer with the Movistarlite gift card or use a Movistar decoder. You simply need to have an Internet connection, sign up for the service, redeem the card and enjoy the content in the official Movistar+ application.

This application is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast or Android TV, as well as for smart TVs manufactured after 2012. You will even be able to watch all Movistarlite channels on your computer from the browser, compatible with almost all of them such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Another advantage you will find with Movistar+ Lite is that you can use it on two devices at the same time (two simultaneously), where you can enjoy a movie on your TV while your friend, partner or family member can be watching a series on their tablet.

Great possibilities of the Movistar+ Lite gift card.

With the Movistar Lite gift card you will amaze the person you have to give thanks to the great possibilities it contains. Besides, you can also have that possibility yourself if you keep it. This product is designed to be given as a gift, but you can also use it for yourself and enjoy all the Movistar Lite content.

There is one thing you will have to take into account if you buy the Movistar+ card and that is that, if you buy it in Spain, its use is limited to this country.

When you buy the Movistar Lite gift card, you will be giving a gift that everyone will like. The person who will receive the gift will have in their hands access to a whole range of channels that they can enjoy from any device and browser on their PC. From the moment they use this card, they will be able to enjoy three free months of Movistar+ Lite, after which they will have to pay €8 as a fixed amount, with no commitment of permanence and with a flat rate. And, if you do not want to use it anymore, you can unsubscribe from the service without any problem.

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