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The origin card It is a perfect alternative to be able to play whatever you want without having to use your credit card for each purchase. Added to its comfort is an interesting variety of proposals that will turn your leisure time into moments full of fun.

Where to use the Origin card?

We tell you in detail how to get the most out of a card that will encourage you to test yourself as a player.

✔️ In the platform of the same name. EA puts its entire catalog at your disposal for both PC and video consoles.

✔️ Also included licenses as famous as Star Wars either need for speed, to cite two examples.

✔️ You can access Origin from your device, make the purchase and start playing the video game you purchased.

✔️ The charge is made immediately against the balance of your card. You won't have to worry about anything else.

How to use the Origin card?

If you are clear that this card fits your needs or your tastes, take note of how you can use it.

✔️ Log in your EA account.

✔️ Look for the option“redeem code”.

✔️ Enter your card code in the corresponding box and click on “accept”.

✔️ The system automatically add the corresponding balance to your account.

From here, it's up to you what kind of spending you do and how you manage your money. Surely, it won't take long to get used to the functionality and adaptability of this interesting card.

How to pay online with the Origin card?

There are different options, which leads us to explain them in more detail so that you do not have any doubts about it.

✔️ If you like reserve or buy a game through Origin, go to the website. Find the title that interests you and click to expand the information. Click on the “book now” or “purchase” options again. If you prefer, you can reserve it in your favorites tab for later or send it as a gift to whoever you prefer.

✔️ If you're going to order a game Access the Origin website. Click on "store". Review the offer and select the title that interests you the most. You must click on “buy” or “book now”.

✔️ In both cases, Origin will ask you to sign in with your EA account to provide your payment information. If you have already redeemed your code, you only have to select this payment method to be charged the corresponding amount. If not, follow the procedure that we have already explained to you.

✔️ After paying for the game, you will receive an email with the necessary data to download it. EA has a customer service specially designed to solve any type of incident you may have.

The purchase experience is quite positive, so we encourage you to buy your next video games on Origin using the card that we have been describing.

Advantages of using the Origin card

An origin gift card, It is not only easy to use, but also a firm commitment to enjoy several benefits that we are now telling you about.

✔️ Can you give it to someone, giving you easy access to thousands of classic and current titles available.

✔️ It's a great way to control your budget, intended for video games. It allows you to teach your children how to manage money better.

✔️ The instructions for use, they are very simple.

✔️ EA renews available offer constantly. Every month, there are special video games that are offered at a price that is up to 80% off the original. Included in these sales are well-known licenses that allow you to purchase a game for less than five euros.

✔️ You can buy a game from this year at an unbeatable price.

✔️ Your catalog, It is very well organized thanks to a very functional website. You just have to use the search engine or go through each section until you find the game that best suits your tastes. They are arranged alphabetically, by genres, by number of players and by availability.

✔️ The offer's section It is essential to get a video game for less than 10 euros or with a maximum price of 20. You only have to compare these prices with those you are going to pay in a physical store to decide.

✔️ In Origin, they go hanging games as they come out. You won't have to wait to enjoy that title you've been waiting for so long.

✔️ EA trusts its games so much that Origin offers you the option"Great Game Guarantee". It's as easy as requesting a full refund for the title you didn't like. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important advantages when purchasing an Origin card.

Buy your Origin card at CardStation

You may have already made up your mind about purchasing this card. Now, where can you buy it? We advise you to choose CardStation, our website, to do so. Why? Well, because we are specialists in this type of proposal.

In our catalog, you will find all the available alternatives and with different balances, which makes it easier for you to choose the ideal card for you. We only sell original cards with the authorization of EA, this way you avoid compatibility problems.

Just go to our page, look in the game card section for the Origin option and select the one you prefer. Once you pay for your order, you will receive an email with the corresponding code. In case of problem, you have at your disposal a customer service that will attend you kindly.

Do not hesitate, in CardStation you will always find the origin card that best suits you. You will no longer be able to say that your video games are boring or that you don't know what to play. Trust our proposal, and it won't take long to convert your monitor or television to a source of new sensations before the keyboard or the controls of your game console. We have the best prices on your OriginPandora and PlayStation game cards.

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