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Paysafcard, a 100% secure prepaid card

With the increase in online shopping, new payment methods have emerged on the internet. These methods are more secure and offer greater anonymity. This is possible thanks to the fact that we avoid including personal data on the internet, such as our credit card or bank account number. In addition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Internet transactions have increased, giving rise to new payment methods in addition to PayPal credit cards. One of the most popular methods is the paysafcard.

It is the leading card in the world market for making online payments. It is a prepaid card, which does not need to be associated with a bank account number or any card, so it is an anonymous payment method and that you can recharge at any time with the balance you wish to have on it. The payment will be made as if it were paid in cash, being the perfect solution for all those people who do not have a credit card or who are concerned about security and privacy. With the Paysafcard, you will not be surprised with the invoices nor will you have any type of contract. Therefore, you will not spend more than what you have planned and your expenses will always be under control. You can also make transfers or cancel invoices online. In addition, it is currently one of the safest payment methods since to make the payment, a code is generated, which, you enter in the place you want to make the payment and it will be approved instantly. For greater security, enter your PIN number only on authorized websites, never send the PIN number through email or provide it by phone. Also, in case of suspicious activity on your account, request that it be blocked.

Paysafecard buy online in many web stores on the internet

The Paysafcard is accepted in a great multitude of web shops and also from online providers all over the world. Approximately a total of about 4000 online stores accept this card as a payment method, some of the places where you can use the Paysafcard in a totally secure way will be sports betting houses, internet services, online games such as Leage of Legends or PlayStation, communities and social networks, entertainment and movies, online dating and telephony. In addition, we can highlight that the code does not have an expiration date, so you can use it at any time.

Paysafcard for Yo Bingo players

All those players who use the paysafcard for the Yo Bingo gaming platform will benefit from a large number of advantages, among which we can highlight:

1. Payments may be limited.

2. They will receive a constant summary of the transactions carried out and the balance they have at that time.

3. You will be able to make payments comfortably with your login details.

4. Most importantly, it will not be necessary to provide bank or credit card details so the game will be played in a totally secure way.

Transfer money from your PayPal account to Paysafecard

In order to carry out this transaction you will have to carry out an intermediate step using Wise, but it will not generate any additional expense. First of all, you have to have your bank details linked from your Wise account to your PayPal account. Once they are linked, you will have to click on withdraw and transfer to your bank account. As soon as you receive the money in the Wise account, you can purchase a paysafecard in our online store.

Make an unforgettable gift with the paysafcard

If you need to make a special gift, then your best option is to give one of our Paysafcards to use the multitude of online stores. It is the perfect card for music lovers, since you can make purchases on music platforms like Deezer, for game lovers because you can use it for purchases on Xbox or games like League of Legends.

Buy paysafcard on Cardstation

Online shopping is more on the rise than ever. For this reason, more and more people are starting to make their purchases online but are looking for secure methods where their personal data is safe. For this reason, the Paysafcard is the best option for those who are concerned about their safety when making purchases over the internet.

In addition to buying easily and safely, at CardStation, we have regular promotions so you can save on the purchase of prepaid cards. We also guarantee total security in the purchase and that when you buy paysafcard with us you are acquiring an original card that you can also give to a family member or friend. You will also make a verified purchase with fraudulent anti-purchase validation. Disf