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Recharge Mobile

Have you heard of the prepaid mobile cards? Their great appeal lies in the wide consumption capacity they allow, remaining operational until the balance is exhausted. When this situation occurs, the card will not work again until it is recharged with a new monetary injection. Therefore, this type of card is not subordinated to a bank account, but allows the deposit of the balance autonomously. Next, we are going to explain information of interest about this means of payment.

Where to use the prepaid card?

These cards can be used in places as diverse as:

✔️ Grocery stores.

✔️ Gas stations.

✔️ Malls.

✔️ Hotel establishments.

Its geographical potential does not end there, since its balance can also be used without the need to travel in person, with the option of employment in purchases on-line or by phone. Certain models may work at ATMs or person-to-person transfers.

The only requirement that is usually demanded, apart from prior registration, is that the card incorporate the logo of any authorized and licensed network to operate within state territory. To find out if certain centers have imposed payment restrictions, simply check the cardholder agreement, a copy of which is always available on the page Web from the card provider. In the event that such an agreement does not appear, a copy can always be requested.

How to use a prepaid card?

Buy a prepaid SIM card or any other model entails great freedom of action, although there are always a series of procedures and actions that must be observed. Especially with regard to recharging the balance, which can be carried out with the transfer system. Other methods can also be followed, as long as allowed by the entity in question.

To facilitate this task, the bank usually has an address enabled Web, in which data such as the available balance, the operations that have been carried out, the surcharges, etc. can be consulted. In addition, these cards come designed with a unique numbering and a PIN. Depending on the issuing entity, this information may be free or subject to certain commissions. As you can see, the use process is very simple, and can be summarized in these steps:

✔️ It starts with him balance deposit. This action can be carried out without the need to have the financial backing of an associated bank account.

✔️ Once the previous procedure has been carried out, you have the freedom to carry out an unlimited range of shopping, as long as the amount does not exceed the limit that has been set when loading the cash. It is the client himself who, together with the issuing entity, determines by mutual agreement the exact amount of said charge.

✔️ When the balance runs out, there is the possibility of renew, contacting the entity and following the same steps as in the first entry.

All kinds of prepaid cards

There are several modalities of mobile recharge card, depending on factors as diverse as the issuing entity or the use for which they have been designed. In this way, the following types can be distinguished:

✔️ Reusable prepaid card. It is the one that can be recharged as many times as it is convenient. That is, it can be used successively, just having a balance.

✔️ Disposable type prepaid card. This model, on the other hand, must be changed after use, which leads to the destruction of its functionality.

✔️ Virtual type prepaid card. It is a variety that is the result of the digitization of this era, in which the task of recharging is facilitated by synchronizing it with a bank account. It therefore lacks physical appearance, which limits payment options to purchases on-line.

Advantages of using prepaid card for mobile

Among the main advantages of this means of payment, the following can be mentioned:

  • They are easily obtained, without it being necessary to carry out actions to verify the available balance.

  • They can be used in an unlimited variety of shops and establishments, even remotely, as long as the issuing entity has approved it.

  • Can be issued to third parties, which opens up a wide range of options for its use as payment to suppliers, consumers, employees, associates, etc.

  • They can be consulted online, in order to know the available balance and related information. Just go to the corresponding page Web or run the app on mobile or tablets.

  • Provide high levels of anonymity, since, in the purchases made with them, no personal data is provided.

  • They are a particularly secure form of payment, thanks to the pin that is responsible for identifying each model. In addition, depending on the use and the issuing entity, other protection and security mechanisms can be added to this type of card.

Buy your prepaid card at CardStation

Are you looking for a provider that gives you the following facilities?

  • Delivery of the card in a short period, between 1 hour and 1 day (depending on the verification time).

  • Sending the card to the email address you have provided.

  • Own payment verification system.

  • Contact page for clarification of doubts.

  • Immediate availability of the card, to make all the purchases you want to make without restrictions.

No, you are not dreaming. All these benefits are possible thanks to the existence of card station, a Web dedicated to the detailed supply of digital keys for prepaid cards and games. This company is made up of experts in the field, with enough experience to offer an agile service, through a platform where cards can be purchased safely and at very reasonable costs. Our goal is that each of our customers can save and enjoy the games. For this, we offer prepaid mobile cards What Movistar, Orange. Contact us and choose the model you prefer.

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