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Enjoy our unique and incomparable offers with your own SimGuthaben card, you will not regret giving us your full trust. With a prepaid card you always know what the available balance is, there are no surprises, just the certainty that you will be able to get where you want, not be offline or have to pay too much. The variety works in your favor so that it is possible for you to choose the alternative you prefer at all times, likewise, you will only have to check the balance that you have left from your terminal so that you know when you have to buy a card again. Without a doubt, the option to control every last penny you spend. Isn't that amazing? Why are you going to buy this card in a store without guarantees when you can do it in a specialized one? Times are changing and no one can doubt that the Internet is no longer a complement, but a necessity. You can check your mail, your messaging applications or your social network profiles to keep in touch with your friends and entertain yourself in your spare time. There are no surprises, just the certainty that you can get where you want.