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Without a doubt, Microsoft made the best of revolutions by inventing, in its day, the Xbox. It is one of the most famous and versatile game consoles and platforms in the world. We can enjoy Xbox almost anywhere, from our PC to the game console that bears his name, through our SmarTV. Some of the ways to acquire a pass to enjoy everything that Xbox offers you is through an Xbox gift card.

With the Xbox Spain and Microsoft gift card you can enjoy a whole selection of games, movies and TV shows, as well as high-quality devices and more.

What's on the Xbox gift card

With the Xbox gift card we can have access to the purchase of devices, software, games, movies, applications and more. There is no expiration date for these cards and we can easily find out the balance we have. These gift codes are valid for purchases in the Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox.

With it you can find the best games, map packs, add-ons, updated applications and software to improve productivity and creativity. You can also get the Surface Pro or the latest Xbox bundle, plus accessories like game controllers, keyboards, and more.

And, as if this weren't enough, you can also rent or buy popular movies and get the TV shows and series that you like the most.

How much does an Xbox gift card cost and what types of cards are there?

We can find € 10, € 15, € 25, € 30, € 50 and € 75 cards to include in our Xbox account. For example, you can propose the Xbox Live card price for 3 months.

Among the most popular card options we have:

• Xbox Live card.

• Xbox Gold cards.

• Xbox Game Pass card.

• Xbox One card.

• Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cards.

• Xbox series X expansion card.

When you buy Xbox gift cards you will get a gift that will never be forgotten. Without a doubt, it is a great idea to give this Christmas 2021. By acquiring one of these cards you will be able to choose from a large selection of games, entertainment, movies and technological tools that are needed. All in a digital environment, easy to use and without expiration dates. If we talk about gift cards, we can choose between two options:

• Microsoft Store gift card. It can be used to buy games, software, applications, Microsoft 365 subscriptions, movies, Xbox game pass, and more.

• Xbox gift card. Ideal for hardcore gamers. It can be used as an Xbox digital gift card in the Microsoft Store, on Windows, and on Xbox to get games.

With these cards you will give the freedom to choose the gift they want as Xbox accessories, buy Xbox Game Pass card and access subscription or watch favorite movies and TV shows.

The way to redeem it is by accessing and logging in to the Microsoft page. There, we enter the 25-character code that is included on the card. Once redeemed, the gift card balance can be used in Microsoft Store online, Windows, or Xbox.

Xbox card benefits

We can have a series of benefits when we get an Xbox card like the Card Gold Xbox One (which is obtained with a more advanced subscription than the pass version). These advantages are:

• These gift cards never expire. Only promotional cards like Microsoft Rewards or Xbox Live Rewards do.

• Most of the products offered can be purchased with a gift card, although some applications with subscriptions require a credit card.

• You can buy Xbox Game Pass card and Xbox Live Gold cards with a gift card online or from Xbox.

• You can't buy Office with it, but you can buy fully installed software.

• Microsoft and Xbox cards are similar, so you can redeem and use them in the same places.

• Have your favorite TV shows and movies, software, games, etc.

How to redeem codes

We can introduce our Xbox card in different ways:

• Xbox One. Logging into Microsoft from Xbox One and going to the store tab. Once inside, choose the option "use code" and enter the 25-digit code of the card.

Web page. Enter the Microsoft page in the redemptions section and the site will automatically ask you for the code.

• Smartphone. You can log into Microsoft from the mobile app. Select Microsoft Store from the top menu and choose "redeem a code." There they will ask you to enter the 25 characters.

What do we have to take into account

• Cannot be used to purchase Xbox 360 Marketplace or Xbox 360 content on Xbox One.

• It is valid for Microsoft Store online, Windows 11 Home / Pro and Windows 10 with recent updates, Xbox Series X, One and 360 (although Xbox Live is required).

• When purchasing an Xbox gift card, make sure the currency chosen for the gift matches the currency of the recipient's billing account. If not, it cannot be redeemed.

• If you redeem one in a country or region that is not associated with your billing account, you will not be able to use the funds.

• Funds are non-transferable once the Xbox or Microsoft gift card has been redeemed.

• Purchases and prices may vary by region, estimated time, and device. There may be geographical limitations, country or region restrictions, as well as balance, taxes and Internet connection fees.

The gift they want

Once you have seen all this, with an Xbox or Microsoft card you can give your friends or relatives a gift that they can exchange for the products they want: from device purchases, software, applications to movies, games and much more.

In CardStation you can find your ideal Xbox card to give as a gift and, without a doubt, surprise the recipient thanks to the great possibilities it provides. Don't hesitate and buy your Xbox gift card with us.